Job seekers must understand the power of networking if they want to secure meaningful employment.

Ways of Networking for Employment Opportunities and Career Growth

Job seekers must understand the power of networking if they want to secure meaningful employment.

Job seekers must understand the power of networking if they want to secure meaningful employment. Unfortunately, too many job seekers limit themselves when it comes to networking. Not only can networking help you get hired by a reputable company, but career advancement and growth occurs over time. Consider some ways you can use networking to your utmost advantage.

Network Through a Professional Association

Professional associations provide prime networking opportunities for job seekers avidly looking for work in every industry. Networking with like-minded professionals in your industry through an association is an excellent way to find a job or advance your career. Members of a professional association you belong to may become future employers and business partners. Joining an association and networking can help you get in the door of an excellent company. In addition, a professional association can provide you with the latest information and trends in your industry. Most professional associations provide additional tools, valuable resources, and training opportunities to help its members find employment and thrive.

Join an Influential Organization

Joining a social organization that promotes positive causes affecting the local community and parts of the world are great ways to form and explore international contacts. Many employers are impressed with professionals who share similar values and genuine concern for other people and the environment. Your fraternity or sorority contacts may provide ways for you to bond with employers and persons of influence who can help you obtain work or advance on your career path. Women who need employment assistance can join a professional women’s organization and network with its members to gain support and visibility in their field.

Tap into Connections Through Your Mentor

By enlisting the aid of a mentor, you can build valuable networking connections literally overnight. The business contacts of your mentor may become a part of your networking circle, so don’t hesitate to ask your mentor if he knows someone who can help you establish your career and shorten your job search. You may be surprised to find that your mentor’s close contacts are willing to offer you a hand.

Network Online

Job seekers who find employment online understand how social networking can help them, and they invest the time and effort to create effective social media profiles and cultivate a professional, marketable online image. To make the most of social media profiles, it is important for job candidates to fill out their profile completely, and to use appropriate pictures to represent themselves online. As the employment search and employee recruitment becomes more routine online, networking online will become commonplace. Job seekers who prepare themselves for this change can get a head start.

Job seekers who use many forms of networking are more likely to secure employment faster than those who do not. Building your network can lead to multiple job opportunities throughout your career, so don’t hesitate to reach out and become familiar with others along the way. You cannot predict when networking can lead to an employment connection, so aim to network on a regular basis.

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